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 09/21/2018 - 13:16

Dear Community:

We are so excited to announce our upcoming Fall group designed for kids ages 8-13. Its called Kids  INTEGRATED which stands for Kids Internalizing Natural Techniques to Energize, Grow, and Regulate the self, Actualizing a Therapeutic Experience of Development. It is rather a mouthful, which is why we call it Kids INTEGRATED for short.

Kids INTEGRATED grew out of the desire to see all kids, no matter what their situation, issues or diagnostic labels, grow and develop in ways that lend themselves to self-regulation and attunement to others. It is a cliché, but with a lot of research behind it, that screen time is having an impact on kids’ natural inclinations toward growing their social brain, and their life experiences may also be lacking in providing the settings to self-regulate. This is certainly not true for all kids, and it is not a judgment on the family or parents if it is true. We hope that by introducing your child to a growth environment that facilitates learning about the brain, introduces simple mindfulness techniques for self-regulation and attunement, and engages them in fun and active ways to learn with other kids, there will be an inflow of information and experiences into your child’s life that has the potential to turn the tide.

Kids INTEGRATED is based on years of research in neurobiology and takes proven ideas about brain development and brain neuroplasticity, combining them with mindfulness and other brain-based exercises to help promote growth in 5 main areas:   

  1. Emotion Regulation
  2. Self-Acceptance
  3. Empathy and Attunement
  4. Reciprocal Relationships
  5. Kindness toward self and others

Is it true that we can accomplish this in a 6-week, 12 hour program? Yes, but not without your help. The techniques your kids will be learning are designed to be simple and fun and therefore practical to use in daily life.  However, this program can only work if parents and caregivers partner with us to support and encourage their child to practice the skills they will be learning in the group. There will be plenty of information available to parents on how they can facilitate home practice. In the meantime, do check out the attached flyer and call us soon to set up a time to meet with a qualified professional. Space is limited and an intake interview is necessary to qualify for the group.

In partnership,

The Kids INTEGRATED team
(Smita Nagpal, Ph.D., Mansi Brat, Ph.D., Kathryn Raths, MA, Jonathan Buckman, MSW, Maria Karimova, MS, Bridget Young, MS)

P.S. Additionally, and this is really exciting, we will be running a parallel group for parents, called the Nurtured Heart parenting group. This has been run once before at Still Waters with great feedback from the participants! A flyer for this group is attached as well. Check out our website or look for more information on the NH group in our next newsletter.

P.P.S. Yes, discounts will be available for multiple family members participating in concurrent groups.

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