Detroit Men Stand Outside Busch's Claiming to Raise Money for Saline Marching Band

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 11/01/2017 - 13:49

One Inkster man was arrested on outstanding warrants and he and two young men from Detroit were trespassed from Busch’s Fresh Foods Market in Saline after they were caught trying to defraud customers Oct. 30.

The three men, aged 18 and 19, stood outside Busch’s where they claimed to be raising money for the Saline High School band.

The manager of Busch’s called the Saline Police Department to report that the threesome harassed store employees.. As police arrived they saw a black vehicle exiting the parking lot at a high rate of speed as the Busch’s manager and two employees pointed and shouted “that’s them.”

Saline Police Officer Chris Boulter caught up with the vehicle and stopped them on Leutheuser Drive near Maple Road.

The passenger, an 18-year-old from Inkster, told the officer they were collecting donations for the Saline High School marching band’s trip to Indianapolis in January. He claimed to be a member of the band.

Officer Boulter, who has a child in the band and knew the man was lying, ordered the man from the vehicle and placed him handcuffs. Police records showed the man was wanted on four warrants.

All three men later told police they were sent to the Saline store by an unknown man who provides them with a fake flier and asks them to beg for money. They then return to the money to the man who provides them with a cut.

The three men said they thought they were raising money for a charity but admitted they knew it wasn’t for the Saline band.

Police arrested the Inkster man. All of the police agencies with a warrant for his arrest asked he be advised and released.

All three men were trespassed from Busch’s and told to leave the area.

Whitlock Street Dog Issue

A Whitlock Street man called police after chasing a neighbor’s unleashed dog away from his backyard chicken coup Oct. 28.

The 38-year-old man told police that he’s seen the dog running free several times in the last few months. The dog is owned by a 50-year-old Whitlock Street woman with a long record of dog issues.

Police visited the home and talked to an 18-year-old who lives there. He told police he let the dog out and did not leash her. He also told police he does this frequently with no issues.

Police told him the dog cannot be off their property without a leash and that a citation will be issued.

According to the Saline Police Department report, the woman has had at least 15 dog-at-large citations and countless warnings over the last 15 years. In 2011, a judge ordered her to surrender ownership of a pit bull that often wandered the neighborhood.


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