Meet Officer Aaron Oliver of the Saline Police Department

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 02/11/2019 - 17:12
Saline Police Officer Aaron Oliver was joined by his mother, Kathy, as he was sworn in at a recent Saline City Council meeting. In the photo above, Oliver's mother pins his badge to his uniform.

Aaron Oliver is the newest full-time officer in the Saline Police Department. He was was sworn in during a ceremony at a January Saline City Council meeting. Oliver was hired to fill a vacancy created when Officer David Ringe became a school resource offficer.

Meet Officer Aaron Oliver

Hometown: Ypsilanti, born and raised

High School: Graduated in 2006 from Willow Run High School in Ypsilanti

Post secondary education/police training: I attended college at Washtenaw Community College, received an Associates Degree from there in Criminal Justice. I then attended Oakland Community College Police Academy where I received my certification as a police officer.

Age: 30 years old

Previous experience: Previously employed at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor for eight years, where I worked as a security officer.

What inspired your decision to work in law enforcement?  I have always wanted to be a police officer. It's cliché, but I have wanted to be one since I was a kid. The uniform, the badge, the car with the flashing red and blue lights, what kid wouldn’t want to be a part of all of that! But as I got older and really began to realize what it actually meant and what police officers really did, how they can make a difference, I knew without a doubt I wanted to be the person trying to make a difference. It's hard these days to be a police officer. There is a lot of negativity that can come with wearing the uniform. While I know that I won’t always be liked, I know that when I help a person, and I see they are appreciative, and I made a difference. It will totally outweigh all of the negativity I may face.

What aspect of the job do you love most?  The interaction with people. Even if its non-police related. Just stopping and talking to a person I have never met before. It's pretty great.

What's surprised you most so far?  Honestly, the positivity I have received and the overall happiness from each person I have met in Saline. Everyone I have met is already appreciative of law enforcement and getting to meet the new guy at the department that serves them.

How are all the long-in-the-tooth veterans treating the new guy on the force? They have all been great! I figured coming in, there would be the one or two tough guys that would order me around, “Have the rookie do this!” “Let the rookie handle it!” “Hey rook! Go get me a coffee!” but every officer I have met has been super helpful and they have been great with bestowing me their experiences and wisdom from years on the job.

In school, what kind of student were you? Did you play on sports/participate in clubs/band? If so, what sports/clubs/band? I was always a good student. Always got As and Bs. Having gone to Willow Run there is the negative associations with the schools, but I honestly learned a lot from a lot of good teachers. I did play sports, mostly golf all through high school and wrestling in middle school. I was very active in the High School ROTC. That was always my main focus.

How do you like to spend your free time? I spend a lot of my free time with my fiance. She and I are amateur adventurers. Always trying to find something to do or somewhere to go. A new experience. Very outdoorsy and open to trying anything fun. I also spend a lot of time with my family, enjoying those moments.

What kind of reception have you received around town?  The reception  has been great. Like I said earlier, everyone is excited and happy to meet the new guy in the department. I am looking forward to meet as many people as I can and getting to know the locals and the city.

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