No Charges for Teen Who Vandalized Construction Site

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 12/14/2017 - 13:46

The developer of the Curtiss Bluffs subdivision on South Monroe Street has decided not to seek charges against a 16-year-old Saline boy who vandalized the construction site on three different occasions between Nov. 28 and Dec. 1.

At least one male removed a large sign and threw it over a fence. They also tipped over a portable restroom, climbed up heavy equipment and threw ladders in to a dug-out basement. A framed exterior door was tossed into the basement with the ladders, splintering the door.

On the final night of the spree, the boy used nails from the garage to write “I’m sorry.”

The construction crew did not wish to prosecute. The teen’s mother said she would work with the construction crew to set up a community service project for him to do on the site. Office Don Lupi talked to the teen about his grades, school and sports.

No information was available about a second teenager believed to have taken part in the vandalism.

Woman Arrested for Drunk Driving

A 24-year-old Saline woman was arrested early in the morning Dec. 1 for operating a vehicle while impaired.

According to a Saline Police Department report police were on patrol around 2:40 a.m. when they watched a couple vehicles drive by on Michigan Avenue, near Sage Court. As a third driver drove by, he waved his arms and point at the vehicles that just passed. The officer caught up to the vehicles and observed a Chevy Aveo straddling the line for the left turn lane before veering back into its lane. Police stopped the vehicle and, smelling alcohol, conducted field sobriety tests. A preliminary breath test showed a blood alcohol content of .20 – more than twice the legal limit.

The woman was arrested.

A grinder, metal box, rolling papers and small amount of what appeared to be marijuana were confiscated from her trunk. The woman said they belonged to a friend.

Purse Stolen at Faurecia

A 37-year-old Detroit woman who works at Faurecia called Saline Police to report that someone stole her purse from her cubicle Dec. 4.

Credit Card Fraud Reported

A Plymouth woman stopped at the Saline Police Department Dec. 8 to report that someone used her corporate credit card to buy a computer online from Best Buy. The computer was picked up at the store in Des Moines, Iowa.

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