Saline Police Reports: Employee Confesses to Putting Laxative in Brownies at Send Off for Co-Worker

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 05/11/2018 - 13:06

A 47-year-old Adrian woman who worked at MMI in Saline confessed to police that she put a tube of laxative into brownies she made for a going-away party for a co-worker. The party was heled May 3. Someone called MMI’s management to warn that the woman used laxatives in the brownies because she didn’t like the departing employee.

The brownies were confiscated and MMI’s director of human resources called police to complain of food tampering.

Police interviewed the woman. At first she denied the allegation. But when police told her they were going to send the brownies away for analysis, she admitted putting the laxative in the food. She told police she wasn’t targeting anyone, but that she considered it a bad joke.

The company fired the woman and will not press for charges.

Jewelry Stolen from Brecon Village Resident

An 88-year-old Brecon Village resident told police that someone went into her apartment and stole jewelry and cash between April 30 and May 2.

The woman told police she went o breakfast at 7 a.m., May 1, and returned to find her door unlocked. She determined two rinks were missing from a jewelry box and a bracelet was missing from her drawer. The woman told police she had about $100 in cash, which she gives to family as gifts, that was also missing.

Police interviewed staff and have no suspects.

Drunk Driver Thought She was In Ypsilanti

Saline police arrested a 22-year-old Ypsilanti woman on suspicion of drunk driving May 10. Police stopped a 1995 Oldsmobile after someone called police to complain about a car “all over the road around 4:30 a.m. The woman was reportedly hitting the curbs on Ann Arbor Street near Harper Drive.

Police caught up to the car on Woodland Drive and  watched it weave in and out of the lanes. Police stopped the vehicle. The woman told police she was on her way home from Livonia and believed she was in Ypsilanti. A preliminary breath test showed a blood alcohol content of .168 – more than twice the legal limit. She was arrested and her vehicle was impounded.

Police searched the vehicle finding a small bottle of whisky, a grinder and plastic baggies containing about 4 grams of what they suspect was marijuana.

Theft from Vehicle at Rec Center

A Saline couple called police to report a larceny from the Rec Center. The theft occurred between 4:10 and 6 p.m., May 6. A 43-year-old man dropped a woman off at the front door of the Rec Center and then parked his vehicle in the northwest corner of the north parking lot. He went into the rec center, leaving the woman’s bag. When they got back to their vehicle the woman noticed her bag was gone. The bag was worth $250 and container her iPhone, several credit and debit cards and other identification. The thief ditched the phone along Woodland Drive, 200 feet south of the intersection at Textile Road. The victims told police there were three attempted transactions on their discover card – two on the Gucci website and another on the Louis Vuitton website.

The man told police that when he parked his vehicle there was a male on a cell phone parked next to him.

Driving While Stoned

Saline Police arrested a Saline Township woman suspected of driving under the influence of drugs.

Police stopped a vehicle at Woodcreek Drive and Bennett Street around 10 a.m., May 6, after it came to a stop in the middle of the intersection at Mills Road and Bennett Street before turning into the Woodcreek subdivision.

After field sobriety tests the woman was arrested for impaired driving and taken to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor for a blood draw. The woman told police she’d been a heroin addict in the past.

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