Best of the Best: Saline's Top Students Honor Influential Educators

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 05/17/2017 - 01:49
Saline High School's top students are pictured with educators they chose to honor at the Highest Honors With Distinction Banquet Tuesday.

Saline High School administration and the Saline Board of Education honored the top students at one of America’s top high schools Tuesday evening. In turn, those fine students honored educators who made profound impacts on their lives.

The Highest Honors With Distinction honors students who were among the top five percent of the graduating class in grade point average.

“We are a highly achieving district and the students here tonight represent the highest of the high. They are the ones who’ve chosen to pursue academics with a passion we want to see out of all of our students,” Superintendent Scot Graden said.

Then he turned his attention to the teachers and parents and spoke of the team approach to education in Saline Area Schools.

“This banquet is a great opportunity to honor Saline High Schools top students. In addition, it’s a great opportunity to honor the educators they’ve selected,” Graden said. “It’s a team approach to learning here in Saline. Tonight, we celebrate that. The honored educators that are here tonight exemplify what we want in our educators. And the opportunities that our students have is really built on the foundation that our families provide and the value families see in education. That team approach has allowed us to be incredibly successful”

With the SWWC culinary arts students providing the meal, Saline’s top students dined with their parents and honored educators.  Following the meal, the culinary arts students served dessert. At that point, the students were introduced. Each went to a podium, where they were greeted by Graden, Saline High School Principal and Board of Education President Tim Austin. Students were presented a medal and both the teachers and students received a plaque.

In the video above, each of Saline’s top students speak about their future plans and their honored educator.

Below is a list of the top students and the teachers they chose to honor:

  • Matthew Adle honored Nathan Bush
  • Robert Amori honored Diana Aikens
  • Austin Bellinger honored Shelly Venema
  • Lulu Clossick honored Kim Tanana
  • Claire Conzelmann honored Becky Jungkuntz
  • Allison Cropsey honored Brian Heslip
  • Emma Dester honored Trisca Beasley
  • Hallie Fox honored Sarah Price
  • Jack Gregory honored Bridgette Sparks
  • Gillian Hartley honored Leigh Ann Roehm
  • Hannah Jones honored Jason Schmier
  • Abbey Mayer honored Diana Aikens
  • Julie Palmer honored Chris Trainor
  • Rebecca Parada honored Trisca Beasley
  • Bao Phan honored John Fox
  • Josiah Rentschler honored Jeff Pike
  • Tobias Schmidt honored Steve Vasiloff
  • Emily Shorkey honored Deb Budnik
  • Sara VanOtteren honored Terry Jastrow
  • Taylor Vaughan honored Brian Heslip
  • Michael Wolf honored Nate Lampman


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