GALLERY: Student Musicians Dazzle Audience at Saline Collage Concert

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 05/27/2018 - 23:47
Cecilia Cooper performs Camille Saint-Saens violin concerto with the Saline High School Chamber Orchestra.

Beautifully-played music came from all directions at the annual Saline High School Collage Concert Friday evening. The Saline High School Chamber Orchestra and Saline High School Wind Ensemble entertained several hundred people who gathered in the Ellen A. Ewing Performing Arts Center.

The audience was also treated to dazzling performances by soloists and ensembles. The Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic and Saline Jazz Band also performed.

Following the show directors Nate Lampman and Matthew Briere presented the annual awards to the top students in their programs:

  • Alex Lampman, John Philip Sousa Award
  • Cecilia Cooper, National School Orchestra Award
  • Anna Loughman and Edward Pfannes, Band Service Award
  • Keshav Akella, Ian Cooper, Paul Crowley and Paul Kiyabu, Outstanding Musician Award for Band
  • Dominic Dorset and Julio Wagner, Outstanding Music Award for Orchestra
  • Katie Clark, Michelle Hall/ReneeDabbs Citizenship/Spirit Award
  • Claire Kalem, Patty Mills Citizenship/Spirit Award
  • Joseph Pryor, Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
  • Erin Lathrop, Robert Howard Service Award
  • Meghan Ringle, David A. Wolter Community Service Award

Below are videos of several performances and a photo gallery.









































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