Saline Class President Felton Challenges Grads to Use Gifts for Betterment of World

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 06/05/2017 - 15:33
Saline High School Class of 2017 president Robbie Felton gives the senior address at Commencement Ceremonies at Hornet Stadium Sunday.

Saline High School Class of 2017 President Robbie Felton gave the senior address at Commencement ceremonies at Hornet Stadium Sunday.

Felton, who will study and play football and run track at Brown University next year, urged his classmates recognize their gifts and use them to change the world.

He opened his speech by expressing gratitude to those people who shepherded the graduates to this day. He started by recognizing parents.

“You raised us, nurtured us and role modeled us to uplift others in loving ways,” Felton said. “We thank you for your dedication and sacrifice over our lifetimes. You were our first shepherds, continually taking care of us,” Felton said.

At Felton’s request, the students applauded the parents in the audience.

Felton also recognized Saline Area Schools’ teachers, counselors and administrators.

“The gift of knowledge is priceless and the sharing of knowledge is truly commendable. According to Nelson Mandela, education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world,” Felton said. “Teachers, counselors and administrators often act as our mentors and our guides. Without a shepherd, the sheep drown in swift waters.”

Felton said teachers gave Saline students to the power to change the world.

Felton thanked the class of 2017 for always supporting each other on their scholastic journey. He expects big things from this group.

“I firmly believe that as a class we will have a profound effect on our world and our future, as citizens, students and people,” Felton said. “When I look at all of you, I see the best and the brightest.”

Felton said Saline students have been shepherded to be the best they can be.

“I challenge you to recognize your gifts and use them for the betterment of all people,” Felton said. “By the same token, to give anything less than your best is a sacrifice to the gift. The time is now. The day is ours."

At the conclusion of his speech, the students joyously tossed their caps in the air before leaving the field as graduates of Saline High School.

Felton announced the Class of 2017 has created a fund to help Saline High School students in need.



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