Saline-Chelsea Ski Team Competes in Giant Slalom Race

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 01/29/2018 - 22:41
Coach Cris Cataldo leads the team on a course inspection

Despite the recent melt-down, the Saline-Chelsea ski team competed in the giant slalom race at Mt. Brighton Thursday.

The girls team continued to show strength and consistency, coach Laura Dillman said. The team was sixth in the 11-team field.

The girls in scoring position including Nikki Dillmann (grade 10, Saline) in 22nd place, Katie McInnis (grade 11, Chelsea) in 26th place, Ally Dillmann (grade 11, Saline) in 31st place, and Elizabeth Johnson (grade 10, Saline) in 42nd place. The combined score of 121 put the team behind some of the area skiing powerhouse schools including Birmingham, Mt Brighton, South Lyon, Okemos, and Northville, while beating out Howell, Farmington, CC Mercy, North Farmington, and Charyl Stockwell.

The boys had 2 finishers, with Tanyr Krummenacher (grade 11, Saline) the top boys finisher taking 40th place. Caden Faupel (grade 9, Chelsea) took a spill, but recovered quickly and finished in 43rd place overall. 

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